The project involved the preparation of personalized 21 collages for that many personalities from the Polish world of culture and art, and one general graphic - each of which was also translated into the format of a Bombay Sapphire gin bottle label.

A total of 22 collages were created, as well as 22 labels based on them.
I also prepared 3D elements for the PR box, which included a printout of a personalized illustration, a bottle of gin with a personalized label and a Bombay Sapphire glass.

finished PR box

The collages made relate to the personality of each of the creators, to their passions, profession, experiences. Each of them was to include advertising elements (a bottle of gin, a glass and/or brand colors). 
Ultimately, they were included in the gin packaging as a poster print on high-quality paper.
The design of the general collage, and the label on the bottle of Bombay Sapphire gin created based on it, refers to various fields of art. The hand motif was used as a symbol of artistic work, done with one's own hands, something one's own, creative.

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